GPWiki / VBGamer Christmas Tree Contest

This is a simple Christmas Tree Contest for the people at the Game Programming Wiki or VB Gamer sites.

Please only vote if you are a member of these forums, and not if you're only a random guest over here

It's -ofcourse- also possible to upload your tree pictures. Please only use your Game Programming Wiki or VB Gamer forum nickname, so you're easy to identify . You can upload only JPG photos and they shouldn't be bigger than 480x480 pixels, and 150kb in filesize.

Voting won't be possible till the deadline 1 Januari 2013 0:00 (server time) has passed. The voting option will then automatically show up after a refresh of your page.

- Upload your own photo
- View current entries

So, in short:

  • You can submit till 1 Januari midnight
  • Voting will be open from that moment
  • Voting will be closed automatically at 7 Januari midnight
  • Immediately (unverified) results will be shown
  • Contest admin will choose winner as soon as possible
  • Please only submit natural ('real') Christmas tree's or the 'less natural' (plastic) kind.

Previous years:

Good luck!
Almar Joling

Contest results

These are the results of the first Christmas tree contest of 2012! Note that the results below are automatically generated, and there hasn't been checked for cheaters yet.

Scroll down to see the list of all submitted trees and the amount of good and bad christmas votes they received.

Best tree:
Worst tree:

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