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This is an archived page.
This means that its content is considered to be valuable enough to keep online.

Having been part of the Visual Basic gaming cimmunity for a long time (since 1997), I downloaded many tutorials/projects/articles related to Visual Basic gaming development. Although VB5-6 is rather outdated now, keeping these files online is a tiny effort and might be good for anyone ever in a nostalgic mood.

The files have all been checked thoroughly for viruses. I do not accept any responsibility for anything that might happen by running the applications and/or source code.

If you might have some old (VB gaming related) files which you'd like to share, please consider contacting me. Please read the readmes for any license information, if there is such a thing included.

You can find additional VB related downloads at the VBGamer file archive. Some files might be double on these sites, since Eric, the author of the site, has been just atleast just as long in the VB Gaming scene as I have smile. If you are interested in seeing what has been made with Visual Basic in the past, check out VBGamer's Big gamelist. It will show that VB, back in the day, was quite usable for games.

Enjoy 8-)! I hope the files might be of any use to you.

filename description size d'ls
VB - Truevision7 Multiplayer engine TV7 multiplayer engine 42.1KB 2696
VB - DirectX Net Multiplayer pong game 161.1KB 2424
VB - DirectX special effects 77KB 2311
VB - Phoneshoot (visual basic example).zip 63.8KB 2289
VB - Walls3d rm 3D scene in Direct3D retained mode 587.9KB 2417
VB - Directsound mp3 Playing MP3's with DirectSound 1820.1KB 2399
VB - 3D Game in DirectX7, this game started my DX/VB 'career' 55.7KB 2595
VB - DirectX RPG 322.7KB 2555
VB - Retained mode A 3D Retained mode example. 101.8KB 2226
VB - Solarsystem rm Our solarsystem in Direct3D Retained Mode, VB 31.3KB 2394
VB - DirectX3 Required to use DX3 in VB 74.9KB 2310
VB - Directx 176.5KB 2637
VB - Truevision8 engine Truevision 8 source code 1824.3KB 2275
VB - DirectX 54.4KB 2552
VB - DirectX tutorial 40.2KB 2295
VB - Truevision8 SDK Documentation for Truevision8 359.3KB 2257
VB - Truevision8 A tutorial for Truevision8 9.7KB 2147
VB - DirectDraw fullscreen 6.8KB 2221
VB - Truevision8 compiled Compiled version of TV8 (regsvr32 it) 406KB 2231
VB - Jump point ion engine Space shooter in VB 594.4KB 2341
VB - Open gl for visual OpenGL in VB6 demo. 30.8KB 2417
VB - Truevision8 Level editor for Truevision8. 97.4KB 2239
VB - Direct 4.8KB 2266
VB - Directplay 4.1KB 2291
VB - TrueVision Truevision7 source 317.5KB 2212
VB - OGE 2295.7KB 2518
VB - Directx 15.3KB 2088
VB - DirectX effects alpha blend 68.1KB 2297
VB - Truevision8 Camera Smooth camera splines/animation in TV8. 838.4KB 2184
VB - Truevision8 PAK file PAK file demo, packaging game data in one big file. 380.1KB 2136
VB - DirectX engine various 247.9KB 2259
VB - DirectDraw Textout 4.2KB 2246
VB - Truevision8 dynamic textures Painting on the terrain using dynamic textures. 387KB 2165
VB - DirectDraw 10.8KB 2165
VB - Truevision8 Another tutorial for Truevision8 8.8KB 2159
VB - Dykstra's path finding algorithm graphical (Jack).zip Dykstra's Pathfinding in VB 61.6KB 2156
VB - Truevision8 Shader How to use shaders in TV8 64.7KB 2123
VB - Truevision8 sound Showing how to use the TV8 sound engine. 31.1KB 2105
VB - Direct3D Land 121.5KB 2274
VB - Truevision Mousepick example halflife 284.4KB 2163
VB - Truevision8 - Simple Simple landscape demo for TV8 106.2KB 2184
VB - Truevision8 isometric view 708.7KB 2170
VB - DirectGraphics mario A (very) simple mario demo in DirectGraphics (DX8) 54.2KB 2438
VB - Truevision8 car 254.6KB 2129
VB - Truevision8 Movie Movie engine for TV8, not sure what it is. Probably something with 'widescreen' view? 6.7KB 2071
VB - Truevision MDL FPS Loading a MDL in the old (open source) Truevision engine 622KB 2282
VB - Room3d One fo the earlier Direct3D immediate mode examples, a true classic! 3D environment in VB. 220.4KB 2336
VB - Direct3D demo 84.3KB 2131
VB - DirectX Large 90.1KB 2108
VB - Direct3D demo 63KB 2156
VB - Truevision8 engine And, again, another version of the TV8 code. 211.5KB 2131
VB - Truevision8 Lensflare A lens flare in TrueVision8 engine 70KB 2147
VB - Jump point RTS written in VB 832.4KB 2665
VB - Oge2 demo 88.8KB 2114
VB - Path finding example 43KB 2226
VB - Direct3D Explosion blending 126.2KB 2218
VB - Directx tutorial (vb).zip 143.5KB 2347
VB - Truevision8 engine source Another version of the TV8 source. 219.2KB 2129
VB - Truevision8 MD3 309.1KB 2284
VB - Truevision8 particle 8.7KB 2018
TLB - Win32 Required to use DX3-6 in VB 239.7KB 2422
VB - Directplay 15.9KB 2127
VB - Directx turret 16.1KB 2239
VB - Great demo, shows various 3D/2D techniques in VB. 580.4KB 2404
VB - BSP Simple demo showing how BSP works. 3.4KB 2308
VB - Alpha24 alpha blending libary Allows you to use alphablending in DirectDraw 414.6KB 2178
DX7 - Streaming music Showing how to stream music using DirectSound 19.1KB 2163
VB - Truevision8 terrain Terrain demo for Truevision8 1169.1KB 2178
VB - Truevision8 Terrain in Truevision8 1306.9KB 2126
VB - DirectPlay example 4.1KB 2094
VB - Truevision 8 105.5KB 2070
VB - DirectX Surface 115.1KB 2275
VB - Menace vb 2D version of this interesting game. 283.6KB 2220
VB - DirectX Lightning demonstration (math).zip Nice lighting demonstration, using Direct3D and math. 7.8KB 2731
VB - DirectX Particles 140.8KB 2220
VB - Truevision 8 105.5KB 2080
VB - Truevision8 Bezier Animated bezier patch demo for TV8 67.9KB 2075
VB - Truevision8 Another compiled version of TV8 583.2KB 2221
VB - Truevision8 engine newer + Complete Truevision8 source + examples 2189.4KB 2328
VB - Truevision8 Hovertanks 1180.5KB 2110
TLB - DIrectX6 Required to use DX6 in VB 93.6KB 2217
VB - Direct draw 2.3KB 2179
VB - Directsound How to use DirectSound. 2.4KB 2292
VB - DirectSound 178.3KB 2169
VB - DirectX 200.3KB 2284
VB - Z ricks (vb game).zip Breakout style game made in VB. 338.1KB 2268
VB - 3DS file How to load 3DS files in VB. 30.7KB 2434
VB - DirextX7 rotating 3D Rotating cube in DirectX7 56.4KB 2250
VB - Direct3D for 2D Direct3D for 2D aka "5D" or "hybrid" 400.8KB 2093
VB - Direct3D Racer Some car game? 425.8KB 2299
VB - DXF mesh Read DXF mesh with pure VB code 51.9KB 2405
VB - DirectX OCX 943.7KB 2248
VB - Direct3D sprite 6.7KB 2167
DLL - Directx 5 Required to use DX5 in VB 80.6KB 2286
94 files 27.1MB 212479
a total of 61984.9MB has been downloaded.