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Max in Muziekland

Creating games for children in hospitals: a contest

Max in Muziekland (Max in Musicland) is a game made in Macromedia Flash 8 (trial), for a contest of the SpillGroup. The game was meant to entertain children in hospitals. Unfortunately my entry didn't win, but it was fun and educational to make a Flash game, especially since this was my first attempt at Flash.

The game wasn't completely finished sadly. The game suffers from some collisions bugs which I was unable to fix before the trial of Flash expired. At the current moment there won't be worked on more Flash games (The Western is more important), though.

The concept of the game is fairly simple. You are Max, and need to collect all the music notes in a map, and then find the exit gong. But there are some (friendly looking) monsters around which will try to stop you!

The manual of Max in Muziekland is very nice. Be sure to press 'Help'.

Play the game

The game can directly be played on this site. Press the image below to start it. (This prevents you from possibly have loud music coming through your headphones or speakers!). Please consider all graphics and animations in this game 'programmer's art' smile. Note: The game is entirely in Dutch. (Not that there is much text though). Nearly all graphics can be downloaded as well!