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Hiding your internet hardware

Making your internet gear, disappear!

I really wanted to solve the problem of having a lot of network cables, switches, routers, adapters all on the floor. Therefore I created a small enclosement for these devices myself. The result worked out really well in my opinion!

Notice: This page still needs some work. I have decided to upload it anyway, as clever people can build this already by looking at the photos smile.

Internet hardware furniture

Three important criteria what I wanted to meet:

  • »It should still be possible to work easily with cables, yet make them not as visible as they normally are.
  • »It should not be completely closed, as the equipment will get a bit warm
  • »Building it should be straightforward!

Building it

The first concept was created in 3DStudio Max, which is a 3D modelling application which I normally work with to create game mode. The colored boxes are bounding box versions of the equipment that needs to be placed inside. Internet hardware furniture

To build it, you need the following:

  • »Construction glue for wood
  • »A saw and a mitre box for making 45 degree cuts
  • »Wooden strips. [specify sizes]

You can start making rectangular strips for the amount that you need. I used square shaped wooden strips in the corners, these hold the rectangular strips together. The top lid is also a normal rectangular strip, except that the covering strips are aligned flat instead of vertical. The picture speak for themselves. The bottom only contains a few of these strips. It is important to use good glue, as it holds everything literally together!

Final result

The end result is a great enclosement which contains your internet hardware! Internet hardware furniture