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FLORIMA - Flood Risk Management Game

A freely downloadable board game about flood risks

This is a board game designed during the game design course on the Delft university of technology (TU Delft).

It is named "Florima", which stands for Flood Risk Management game. The zip file contains all material to print out the game board, cards and manuals. The game is meant to be played by students. More information about flood risks can be found at

The game is available in both Dutch and English.

Preview of contents

FLORIMA - game board FLORIMA - money FLORIMA - measures

The learning objective of the game is to give students insight into the tensions that play a role in flood risk management by having them experience some of those tensions. The game is intended for high school students of around 15 to 16 years of age. It is meant to be played during one 45 minute class. It is played with multiple groups of 4 students each.

Download the complete package

Download the version of the game that suits your needs. Everything is included: game board, scenarios, and instructions in your language of choice!

Credit where credit is due

Complete credits are available in the instructions PDF.