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DIY Plush Tetrapod

Plush Tetrapod template

At the campus around our office buildings you will find this peculiar object on many places: Small tetrapods. These tetrapods have served their time during various breakwater (scale) experiments.

Somehow I think they are a rather funny object, so it was time to turn them into a cute plush. using some simple schematics a cylinder in 3D software and texture coordinates unwrapping it becamse quite easy to make a template. I made one by hand, and one has been made using a sewing machine, yet it was still quite a tricky project due to the angles and material being in the way. Anyway, share some images if you make one smile.

First experiment

Final result


Download this template here: Tetrapod template. It contains three different sizes, you will have to decide yourself which one to print three times.

Some specifications that I found when trying to find the appropriate dimensions:

The original Tetrapod model that was turned into the plush template: