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This is an archived page.
This means that its content is considered to be valuable enough to keep online.

Sprite/Tile object pack

Download (1.1 MB)

This zipfile contains over 50 3DS Max files for simple tiles. Think about crates, stones, lights, etc. Most of them are music related.
The objects come prerendered static, and animated. All graphics are featured in my (nearly finished) contest gam

Space shields pack

Download (1.1 MB)

In this zipfile you will find the shields used in Quadrant Wars. The images need to be blended, since they do not contain alpha channels or a color key. 72 images are used for a 360 degrees rotation.
You can use this wherever you want, it would be

Planets pack

Download (1.1 MB)

20 nice planets can be found in this zip file. Each planet is 640x480 and in TGA (24bit + alpha channel). Also have a magenta colorkey (see thumb at the left).
Please read 'credits.txt'! These planets were designed for Quadrant Wars.

Milkshape3D (ms3d) loader - DirectX8

Download (1.1 MB)

This is C++ code to load Binary Milkshape3D (*.ms3d) files. It's a modified version from a DirectX9 one which I found a while back. Please read the accompying readme for details of the changes, and a

Using SQLite from Visual Basic (Recompiling C code)

Download (1.1 MB)

This is the SQLite C code that is converted to make it usable from Visual Basic. Check out the tutorial section for the tutorial that goes indepth about the process.
Newer version of SQLite might appear, and this code will stay won't (likely) get

Circle-Triangle collision detection

Download (1.1 MB)

This zip file with included source will show you how to do check for circle -> triangle collisions. Most of the credit goes to Brykovian who wrote the code for my game YALG. I think it would be usefull to other people

Planet Generator

Download (1.1 MB)

This simple program create infinite planets using fractals and a palette. Can produce very nice results. It uses an ASM fractal DLL which I made myself, to increase performance.

Nebula Generator

Download (1.1 MB)

Simple program that creates a fractal, applies color to it using a palette, and then you can repeat the procedure as much as you like, the fractals will be blended, creating a nebula like effect.

World Map Generator

Download (1.1 MB)

This program will create like almost infinite worldmaps, at any dimension you wish.
It will also return a planet (spherical map) if you wish. Note that the code is pretty fast as well.

This code is a port from an CGI version, the URL is included

ICQ DB Extract

Download (1.1 MB)

This is an pretty unique program, with full source ofcourse.
It (should) allows you to extract all ICQ history after DB version 99A, to plain text.
It even supports the RTF messages introduced in ICQ2001+, unlike most of the other programs!

Inline ASM demo for VB6

Download (1.1 MB)

Someone once posted (in Januari 2003) a plugin at to use inline ASM from VB. pretty cool. Here are some simple samples what you can do. Notice the fast Uppercase function, or the CPUInfo instruction. Please read the readme!. G

Motion blur demo

Download (1.1 MB)

Simple motionblur demonstration. I wanted to make a visualization for music, but that didn't work out.. so I changed it in an screensaver kinda thing. Pretty nice when it's fullscreen!

Elements of Nature

Download (1.1 MB)

This was made for the Gamedev Elements contest 2002. Ended #23 of 42 entrants. This demo is using almost everywhere particles for rain, fire, the grass!

Pinguin (VB Explorer contest)

Download (1.1 MB)

This was made for the VB Explorer game contest. all graphics were fixed and it had to be a shooter. This was made in 2000, so the code ain't that shibby smile. DirectDraw7 and VB

Realtime raytracer 1

Download (1.1 MB)

My VB port of a raytracer that can be found at Is insanely fast for VB smile

Raytracer 2

Download (1.1 MB)

Another port from This one has various primitives (cilinders,planes, etc), and also a lot slower!

Winsock API Webserver

Download (1.1 MB)

Unique webserver on the internet. The first one made with VB and Winsock API, (at the time I wrote it anyways).


Download (1.1 MB)

Old program I made, just to check out the console functions. Emulates some DOS commands

Basic Authentication ASP

Download (1.1 MB)

Shows how to create a "Basic Authentication" dialog in ASP. Version 2 is an improved version, and includes a readme.

Basic Authentication ASP 2.5

Download (1.1 MB)

Same as above, but with database capabilities and FAQ.

News script ASP

Download (1.1 MB)

Simple ASP newsscript, as used by Also an PHP version available. This code is very old.

PHP Unreal Tournament Server query

Download (1.1 MB)

This script queries Unreal Tournament servers, using PHP. Pretty cool, it shows the screenshot of the map as well (for standard UT maps). Please read the readme for details on using this script and how to config it.

Load Balancer PHP

Download (1.1 MB)

Extremely simple but yet usefull loadbalancer script. This script will spread downloads of a file over infinite servers, which you can put in a simple textfile. Very simple to setup. No MySQL needed.

Click counter PHP

Download (1.1 MB)

Simple link/click counter. Counts and redirects to a specified URL. Could be used for a download counter, for example. It uses MySQL.

News script PHP

Download (1.1 MB)

Simple PHP newsscript, as used by Also an ASP version available. Very old.


Download (1.1 MB)

The second map I have created (2007), for the original Unreal Tournament. Some people say it looks a lot like a Quake map. I wouldn't know smile. Nevertheless, I suppose it's a nice lowgrav map.


Download (1.1 MB)

First Unreal Tournament map which I've made. Pretty good, although it suffers from some 'Hall of mirrors' (HOMS) effect, because I had to get used to the subtracting and adding.
First Unreal Tournament map which I've made. Pretty good, although it s

Unreal Tournament Trainingsmod

Download (1.1 MB)

First mod I made in UScript. It includes 3 maps. The target is to shoot the flying translocators, and trying to keep the efficiency as high as possible ofcourse. They can shoot back too!