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1 July 2023

Added some Deltares projects and various Royal HaskoningDHV projects to the site.

20 September 2020

Just put the DIY Tetrapod plush download online, for anyone who is interesting in building a funny looking plushy smile. Check it out here: Tetrapod plush

05 July 2020
Added extra item to the new "VouwGrond" website that I build. At you can build your own paper craft soil layer visualization of nearly anywhere in the Netherlands!

12 July 2019

This site is not exactly bruising with activity, but recently decided to add some new content.

Over the past weeks (and years) I have added various wood working projects - to build a Christmas pyramid, a wooden closet/dressoir, a lamp and a Gloggomobil music instrument!

Next that, you will also find some information how to set up your own sensor network using the MySensors libraries - and also how MySensors was used to build a game with bike pumps as controllers to teach in a fun way what water management means!

Still quite some other things missing, like the wine making and more of the liquor making experiments (especially Nocino!) but that will be at a later point. Site should also be optimized a bit more for mobile reading...

11 April 2016

Do you want a wireless button to trigger anything on your computer, laptop or Raspberry Pi? Then there is a very simple way to do this. Check out the new article about the wireless arcade button !

24 February 2015

The article about the making of our drawing of the week book has been added!

8 February 2015

Added a new liqueur section on the site. A new hobby which is fun, and delicious smile

10 March 2013

Three years have passed again! I once started on a new redesign in 2009, but it never got finished.

But now, on the 10th anniversary of, a new website is finally there!
This site shows a lot of things that I have been working on since 2007 when I started as a professional game developer at the research insitute Deltares.
There is still some content to be uploaded and or editted. Writing pages for the many projects since 2006 has taken quite some time that I actually need to catch up with other things.

I have tried to keep old links intact.

04 August 2010
Added the Google Analytics Helper class at the "Code" section. It will allow you to quickly add Google Analytics tracking to your Unity3D games/applications!
10 October 2008
I have created a new tool, the emotion chart generator! You likely remember the Steven Seagal emotion chart, and now you can make one yourself instantly!

If you have any comments let me know wink
29 August 2007
Check out the new random weapon name generator!
24 March 2007
Here is a list of the recent changes and additions:
  • Added free downloadable texture packs in the code section
  • Updated the projects page
  • We have passed the 50000 downloads at the VB game archive!
  • A new Unreal Tournament 'DM-SpaceCore' map can be downloaded from the code section.
  • The previous UT map named 'CTF-Sponge' has been revised and has become CTF-Sponge][, and can also be downloaded at the code section.
  • A test version of SPGallery has been released, which allows you to create custom ShutterPoint albums and galleries. documentation can be found here. Comments can be redirected to the topic at Shutterpoint.
  • Last few months some new screenshots of various (old) projects have been added to the Screenshot gallery.
  • I've decided to move to this server. (Even despite it's cancel/hold state).
  • Last but not least, updated some of the pages to make them more readable.
13 June 2006
New! A large archive of nearly 100 files with source-code. Over the years I have gathered a lot of (Visual Basic) code. Proceed here to start downloading some code.

Old games, or old 3D engines... It's all there. ready to be downloaded. Some of the downloadeble files are still valuable gems.

10 February 2006
New screenshots of my current project are available at my gallery. The screenshots are now also ordered by date, makes it easier to look at the new material.

I've written two tutorials for the Game programming wiki tutorial contest. The wiki is all about game programming, so if that is something you are interested in be sure to come over there!
The two tutorials are about "Crazy Eddie's GUI" and a renderstate manager for DirectX8. A direct link to these tutorials can be found on the "Tutorials page".

8 January 2006
Welcome to the new year! The year starts with a unique project, the Pringles can windmill. A complete working windmill made from a Pringles can!
3 September 2005
I'm working on the relocation of database tables. Some functions of ANY of the subsites/forums/tools might not work.
30 August 2005
Tiny update, finally the site has atleast a minimum height (600px) on all pages. That was really a nuisance to me! smile. Glad it's fixed.
30 July 2005
I'm now also selling some of my photos at the photography section. If you are interested in some nice photos, please check it out. I haven't ever had a single donation yet for VBFibre, et al. smile Some financial backup would be very appreciated.
5 July 2005
Added a tutorial about combining Visual Basic and SQLite.
23 June 2005
The author of this site is officialy graduated as bachelor of Information and Communication Technology! :D
12 June 2005
Upgraded this site quite. Some of the navigation items at the top show a menu now, which gives me plenty of space which I can fill. I think all my sites are a bit integrated more now. I also updated some of the older sections like the "about" of this site, improved some of the code, etc. It should work quite cross browser. I have tested it on FireFox, and the only thing that looks odd is the submit button in the VBFibre's comment system. I will take a look at that later. should be next, hopefully pretty soon. First I need to graduate though smile. Well, I hope you all like the changes.

20 February 2005
Added two new tutorial links for my new shader tutorials at
26 January 2005
Added a tutorial link to my 'rope selection' in 3D tutorial.
3 January 2005
As many of you noticed, there have been quite some problems lately. The server where this site is located had some severe problems. Slowly, but surely everything is getting fixed. I just got the downloads to work again. There are still some issues, which I will solve soon.
24 October 2004
Added C++ source code to load Milkshape 3D files, with DirectX8. It supports skeletal animations! With this piece of code, a new section has been created in the code section: Visual C++ code.

Also, I'm happy to announce the news of the fact that Yet Another Laser Game is released! check out the demo version to try some nice puzzling back from the old days!

3 May 2004
Added a new tutorial about Alpha channels and DirectX, and how to use them properly in 16 bit.
28 Februari 2004
VB Fibre got a completely new section, inline ASM for Visual Basic.
17 Januari 2004
Added the circle -> triangle collision detection code.
9 October 2003
Added a link to my Particle Engine tutorial at
30 August 2003
Added the Planet Generator and Nebula generator program to the "code" section
1 July 2003
Added a new program + source code, ICQ DB Extract. It allows you to export your ICQ history to plain text! A lot easier to read everything than using the ICQ thing. You can find it at the code section.
31 May 2003
Added a beta version of my game, Yet Another Laser Game (YALG). Go Get it at the "projects" section!
5 May 2003
Added new motion blur DirectX VB demo, it's small, but shows how to easily create an motion blur-like effect. Also added an *inline* ASM demo for Visual Basic 6. Very interesting stuff. Definetly not for beginners. And as last I've uploaded my UT (Unreal Tournament) PHP Server query script. Works nice. Also shows picture of the current map.