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Simple wireless button trigger

The making of "The button"

For a project I really wanted to have a remote trigger. By using a ouple of cheap parts from Ebay, I got something working which does not require a lot of effort at all.

Waiting to be pressed...

Although tinkering with Arduino's (Nano's/Mini's) is quite fun, I preferred a rather practical (time wise) solution. So therefore I present the three part wireless trigger. It can also be used for other things, as long as you can bind the 'n' or page down key. As this is what the wireless presenter sends to the computer over bluetooth.

Things to get:

  • - Cheap bluetooth wireless presenter ( 4,30, Example AliExpress link)
  • - A big button ( about 7.50 euro, at AliExpress)
  • - An empty LavAzza coffee beans can
  • - Short bit electric wire / Solder station

So in total this will cost you about 12 euro's. I noticed that there is a cheaper wireless presenter available, it will probably work similar.

Step 1) Poke a hole on the bottom of the can, the size of the button screw thread

Step 2) Open the wireless presenter and solder two wires on both sides of the "Next slide" button

Step 3) Connect these wires to the button.

Step 4) Put in some batteries, put the bluetooth stick in your computer and check if it still works by using a keypress logger (simple Javascript will do!)

Note: This button needds a 'firm' push. It looks very inviting to just hit it, but it needs a a tiny bit more before it results in an action. But this is not something that bothers at all.

For the creative minded: You can also put a LED light inside te button, and make it glow!

The two photos below demonstrate the simplicity of this device. The Bluetooth receiver goes into the computer. If you are signed in as screen with Caffeam, you can make the wheel spin 'anonymously' by pressing the button!

Inside the button

The battery works for a very long time. So far it worked for months.