Cakes & Desserts & Liqueurs

  • Sweet stuff

    Some of the pastry, cakes, desserts I have made.

  • Liqueur recipes

    How to make make your own great liqueurs from scratch.


  • Drawing of the week book

    How to turn hundreds of whiteboard drawings in a great looking book.

  • Modern lamp

    How to build your own great looking lamp with wood and easy to get materials.

  • Magic lantern projector

    Conversion of 1918 Magic lantern to a projector.

  • Homebuild windmills

    Building windmills from scratch.

  • Internet hardware furniture

    Hiding switches and routers!

Old code

  • Old downloads

    Code in various languages, VB6 ASM, UT99 Maps, etc!

  • SQLite in Visual Basic

    Tutorial how to use SQLite in VB5-6.

  • VB6 game archive

    All old VB5-6 code downloadable from one page.

  • VB Fibre

    Site about optimizing your VB6 code.

Serious games at Deltares

  • Om de put (Around the pit)

    A game which involves building a construction zone!

  • Levee Patroller

    Serious game about levee patrolling! This will learn you how to recognize potential levee failures...

  • Groen Eiland

    A multiplayer coop game about sustainability.

  • Zand verdeler

    Game about sand supplication on the Dutch coastline.

  • Horsegame

    Risk assesment game - with horses.

  • CPT - game

    CPT operator game (sondeermeester).

Fun stuff

  • Emotion chart generator

    Make your emotion chart here!

  • Weapon name generator

    Temporal hornet. Rat Brusher. Packet Turtle. And more!

Older games

  • Bonseki

    Garden tower defense like game, for a contest.


    Flood Risk Management Game created for a game design course. (In both Dutch and English)

  • Max in Muziekland

    NLGD Contest game created in Flash for children in hospitals.

  • Western game

    Western based RTS game. Using self-built 3D engine.

  • Quadrant Wars

    An attempt in making a modern follow up of Netrek.

  • YALG

    Yet Another Laser Game - Laser/mirror game.

Augmented Reality / Graphics

  • Subsoil on a mobile device

    My Master thesis: Visualizing and estimating the distance and depth of underground infrastructure.

  • Real-time visualization of water simulation

    Turning calculated water flows into a real-time visualization.

  • RED - Motion captured animation

    An animation created using mocap and 3DSMax.